Arborist Prices in Hamilton & Waikato

Tress services prices HamiltonWe offer professional tree service carried out by qualified arborists at an affordable price.

Have you been over-priced for tree services, unhappy with the job or think getting tree work done is like going to the dentist. Well, rest assured that at Canopy Tree Care our prices are very competitive and the quality of our tree work is second to none. Using modern arboriculture techniques and operating equipment specific to each job, we are very efficient.

Free quotes and advice are offered throughout the Waikato region. We offer an 100% guarantee, so if you are unhappy with the tree service, we will carry on with the quoted project until your expectations are exceeded.

While we are competitive, customers should be cautious of companies that get business based on always having the cheapest price. More often than not, they are not paying insurance premiums, properly training employees and using unsafe, poorly maintained equipment. This means they are more likely to have accidents and less likely to have insurance. Often the difference in cost is worker safety and damage to your property. This is one corner you cannot afford to cut.

Consider this: It is easy to get jobs by just submitting the lowest bid and cut corners to make a profit. But if you're always the cheapest, it's nearly impossible to get repeat business, because few if any customers are satisfied! (You can forget about referrals, too.)

Canopy tree care offers the best tree care rather than the cheapest. While competitive quotes are still a goal, quality tree work is far better than a bargain price for a job that damages your property, trees and financial well-being. Hundreds of satisfied customers can't be wrong!

Canopy Tree Care offer tree services throughout the Waikato region - Call us today for a free quote!