Shelterbelt Removal Hamilton & Waikato

Planted for rapid, think growth, Waikato’s shelterbelts can quickly outgrow their purpose, or, quite simply, can become a needless burden as quickly as they become a vital protection for vegetation and cattle. Their removal can be tricky. Created from a range of dense, fast-growing species, shelterbelts can pose huge challenges when going to remove or tame, especially without specialist equipment and knowledge. Canopy Tree Care are on hand to help.

Blackwood, Silver Wattle or Swamp Sheoke, Monterey Pine, Silver Gum or a tangled mix of the lot, removal is not a problem. With decades of experience behind us, we can completely remove a shelterbelt, leaving a tidy, clear site without damaging pasture. Poorly removed shelterbelts can cause continued headaches for years to come, as hardly, rapidly spreading chutes return year after year. It is worth getting the job done properly. We are fully insured, and all of our work comes with a full guarantee.

Shelterbelts, by definition, are usually on hard to access or delicate areas. This is where shelterbelt services become about more than simply hard work and many hands. Having the right equipment is absolutely essential in removing a shelterbelt without damage to the pasture, the grazing or the surrounding buildings or shelters. We have a range of excavation and removal equipment, which will make light work of even the mist unruly shelterbelt. What is more, we will leave the site completely clear of debris and waste. A huge amount of vegetation goes into making a good shelterbelt, which can take years to remove. Leave it to us!