Tree Care Services Hamilton

Tree surgery is a passion. Conserving the living landscape is an inspiring way to spend your working day, looking after beings that, if done well, will long outlive you. There must be passion to support the wealth of knowledge, skill and talent that goes with becoming a qualified arborist.

There are two main areas that you must become expert in to become a qualified arborist; knowledge and mechanical skill. Using the armoury of arborists tools, from power saws to excavators, stump grinders to winches requires years of training and experience. This is especially true when you are working hundreds of feet above ground level, suspended from a harness attached to the very tree that you are conserving. It is certainly not a job for everyone, but those have devoted their career to it, love it.

The second string, knowledge is just as hard to accumulate. Every species has its own intricacies, reacting differently to being cut and manipulated, and reacting differently at different times of year. This knowledge has evolved and been passed down through generations, and with a huge increase in non-native species, the knowledge increases every year. It is estimated that only 20% of the species of tree found across Waikato are native species, so expert knowledge is essential.

All of our tree surgeons serving Waikato are highly qualified arborists. We can bring professionalism and experience to any tree felling or trimming project, as well as shelterbelt removal, hedge trimming and land clearance. Full time professionals, we have a fleet of vehicles at our disposal, allowing us to excel in any ground work or tree surgery project. You are in safe hands.